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At Workwise Uniforms you can enjoy the convenience of a one-stop National Account, so you can co-ordinate all your National purchasing and embroidery requirements through a single point of contact.

To contact or enquire with your closest store, or request a quote for any products that you may have viewed on our link to our supplier’s catalogues, please complete your details below, then click send and our Administration Staff will handle your request and respond in the quickest time possible.

Frequently asked questions

What's included?

Good question! Every theme ships with an example site, compiled CSS and JavaScript, new theme-specific components, a documentation page, a Gulpfile for compiling on your own, and the source Less/Sass and JavaScript files (Less for Bootstrap 3, Sass for Bootstrap 4 – both are included in the download).

What devices and browsers do you support?

We support the latest versions of Safari (OS X and iOS), Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9-11 are also supported. Opera Mini and Android's native Browser are not officially supported.

Are the themes Bootstrap 4 yet?!

Yes they are! When you download a theme there are 2 main directories, one for the latest stable version of Bootstrap 3, and one for the latest alpha build of Bootstrap 4.

Which license is right for me?

The easiest way to decide which license you need is to ask “Who will have access to the theme’s code?” If the answer is “just me”, “me and my team”, or “me and the client that hired me,” you only need a Multiple Use License. If the answer is any group larger than that, you probably need an Extended License.


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